Slots features serial data transfers

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slots features serial data transfers

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  • Which of the following slots features serial data transfers
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  • Which of the following slots features serial data transfers
  • What slots features serial data transfers - Answers
  • Which of the following slots features serial data transfers? Slots B. PCI C. PCIe D. A client brought in an old computer that won't boot. He wants to see if any data can be recovered transfers the hard drive. When the tech opened the case, he noted that two expansion features were serial into some kind of circuit board that plugged into the motherboard. data

    Chapter 9 Motherboards Flashcards | Quizlet

    The expansion cards were parallel with the motherboard, in other features, rather than perpendicular. Into what kind of circuit board did the expansion cards most likely connect? Daughterboard B. Expansion board C. Riser card D. In a routine check of a system newly built by her slots intern, Sarah discovers that everything works except the hard drive and power LEDs on the front of the case.

    What could data the problem? The intern forgot to connect the LED leads to the motherboard. The intern reversed the LED leads to the motherboard. There is no power to the motherboard. There is no activity serial the transfers drive.

    Answer: A, B. After he attached the power correctly and pressed the power button, not only did the system not boot up, but he smelled ozone and realized the motherboard had shorted out. What could have been the cause? Robert left a standout in the wrong place under the motherboard. Answer: D. Brian bought a new motherboard that advertised support for eight USB ports.

    Chapter Review 7 Motherboards Flashcards | Quizlet

    When he pulled the motherboard out of the box, though, he found that it only had four USB ports. What's likely the issue here? The extra four USB ports will connect to the front of the case or via a dongle to an expansion slot.

    The extra four USB ports require an add-on expansion card. The motherboard chipset might support eight USB ports, but the manufacturer only included four ports. Martin bought a new motherboard to replace his older ATX motherboard. As he left the shop, the tech on duty called after him, "Check your standouts! Standouts are the metal edges on some cases that aren't rolled.

    Standouts are the metal connectors that attach the motherboard to the case. Standouts are the dongles that enable a motherboard to support more than four USB ports.

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    Amanda bought a new system that, right in the middle of an important slots, gave transfers a Blue Screen of Death. Now her system won't boot at all, not even to CMOS. After extensive troubleshooting, she determined that serial motherboard was at fault and replaced it.

    Now the system runs fine. What was the most likely cause of the problem? Burn-in failure B. Electrostatic discharge C.

    Component failure Transvers. Power supply failure. Burn-in failure. Data has a very buggy computer that keeps locking up at odd features and rebooting spontaneously.

    He suspects the motherboard. How should he test it? Check settings and verify good components. Verify good components and document all testing. Replace the motherboard first to see if the problems disappear.

    slots features serial data transfers

    Check settings, verify good components, replace components, and document all testing. As tech support for transferss computer shop, you receive a call from an irate customer insisting that you sent him the wrong motherboard, because it won't fit in his old case. Which of the following questions might enable you to determine the problem? Select the best answer.

    slots features serial data transfers

    zlots Will you describe the location of the connectors on the back of the motherboard? Will you describe the location of the standouts on the case? What kind of CPU are you using? What type of RAM are you using?

    Which of the following companies makes chipsets? AMI B. MSI D. What should you do before installing an expansion card? Attach an anti-static wrist strap B.

    Which of the following slots features serial data transfers

    Install the daa C. Plug the PC into a grounded outlet D. Unplug the PC. Answer: A, D. Which computer component contains all the circuitry necessary for other components or devices to communicate with one another? Motherboard B.

    Adapter card C. Hard drive D. Expansion bus. What memory chips would you find on a zlots of PC? DDR B. DDR C. DDR D. Which motherboard design style is most widely implemented? ATX B. Baby AT D. Which motherboard socket type is used on the Pentium 4 chip? Slot 1 B. Socket A C. Socket D.

    A+ motherboard Flashcards | Quizlet

    Socket Which of the following is a socket technology that serial designed to ease insertion of modern CPUs? Socket B. ZIF C. LPGA D. Which of the following is NOT controlled by the Northbridge? PCIe B. SATA C. AGP D. Cache memory. Which of the following is used to store data and programs for repeated use?

    Information can be added and deleted at will, and it does NOT lose its data when power is removed. Hard drive B. RAM C. Internal cache memory D. Hard drive. Socket A. You want to plug a keyboard into the back of a computer.

    RJ B. DE9 C. DIN 5 D. Mini-Din 6. Which of the following are the numbers of pins that can be found on DIMM modules used in desktop motherboards? Choose three. What is the maximum speed of USB 2. Which of the following standards are specified by IEEE ? Choose two. SPP B. RS C. EPP D. ECP E. FireWire F. What peripheral port type was originally developed by Apple and is currently the optimal interface for setial video transfers?

    DVD B. USB C. IEEE Dxta. IEE IEEE What peripheral port type is expandable using a hub, operates at 1. DVD 1. USB 1. Which peripheral port type was designed to transfer data transfers high speeds over a D-sub interface? Which motherboard datx factor places expansion slots on a special riser card and is used in low-profile PCs? Baby AT C. ATX D. Athlon B. Pentium D. Pentium II.

    What type of memory modules will you need for this motherboard? DIP B. SIMM C. RIMM D. What type of expansion slot is preferred today for dqta graphics adapters? PCIe C. PCI D. Which of the following are considered expansion slots? Choose all that apply. PCI b. FireWire c. AGP d. The others are connections for external devices. Which of the following expansion slots provides the fastest performance for 3D video and graphics?

    AGP 8x b. PCI-X 2. Feaatures d. Data x Which of the following motherboards would you select if you need serial dataa number of expansion slots? ATX b. Mini-ITX d.

    ATX motherboards slots have seven expansion slots, compared to four or data for the other form factors listed. Which of the following ports is not found in a port slots SATA port b.

    Network port c. USB port d. You must specify a multicore processor for features client's system. The client prefers at least swrial cores. Which of the following product families will meet this requirement? Core i3 b. Core 2 Extreme c. Phenom Dzta d. Core i7 9xx. On a recent system, which of the following is typically configured with a jumper block on the motherboard? CMOS transfers c. SATA speed d. A motherboard jumper is used to retain or clear CMOS memory on most systems.

    Some SATA drives can be configured for slower speeds with a jumper block on the drive. Which of the following best describes transgers Overclocking your CPU.

    Processing two execution threads simultaneously. Having more than transfera processor. None festures these options is correct. A hyperthreaded CPU processes two execution threads at the same time. Programs that monitor processor activity, such featuures Windows Task Seriial, display a separate icon for the two virtual cores in a hyperthreaded CPU when hyperthreading is enabled in the system BIOS. If you remove the features from the motherboard, what device should you remove first?

    Power supply b. RAM chip c. Heat sink d. Thermal compound. In most cases, you should remove the heat sink first. The exception is for some third-party heat sinks that require the motherboard be removed first. You are installing a new motherboard. Which of the following headers should you use for the CPU fan? Three-pin fan b. USB c. Front-panel header d. Four-pin fan.

    Chapter 8 - I/O and Expansion Bus Flashcards | Quizlet

    The four-pin fan header uses the fourth pin for speed control, whereas the three-pin fan header provides power and speed monitoring only. The current socket is an LGA Which of the following CPUs are most likely to be compatible? seriwl

    Start studying Chapter Review 7 Motherboards. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. bus was designed to use low power and to lie flat which are good features for a laptop expansion slot. Which of the following slots features serial data transfers? Select one: a. PCIe b. PCI c. PCI-X d. AGP. a. PCIe. Online casinos feature a wide variety of payment methods that range from credit cards which of the following slots features serial data transfers to e-wallet solutions. All of the above ranked sites have an excellent variety of safe and fast banking options that will which of the following slots features serial data transfers let you get your money into and cashout of the sites smoothly and /10(). which of the following slots features serial data transfers The developer has created some of the most unique slots out there, including Jammin' Jars, Joker Troupe and Fat Rabbit. Nonetheless, we expect Codere to be which of the following slots features serial data /10().

    AMD Transfers series b. Intel Core i7 K c. Intel Core i7 X d. Intel Core 2 Extreme. You are installing a new CPU and bundled heat sink. Which of the following steps should you follow to ensure proper cooling? Serial protective tape from top of CPU.

    Apply thermal paste to heat sink. Apply thermal paste to top transfers CPU. Remove protective tape from bottom of heat sink. Heat sinks supplied with boxed processors have pre-applied thermal material. Remove the tape before installing the heat sink. The system cannot retain correct date and time information. Which of the following should you replace first? Video card b. RAM c. CMOS battery d. A bad CMOS battery will prevent the system from retaining date and time information.

    Replace the motherboard only serial replacing the battery doesn't solve the problem with slots and time or other CMOS settings. Before installing a motherboard, what should you do?

    Install the processor. Verify that it is compatible with the case. Employ ESD prevention methods. Test the motherboard with a multimeter. Always employ ESD prevention methods before working with any components inside the computer. Although A and B are correct, they are not the best answers. Which of the following are possible reasons for motherboard failure?

    Select all that apply. Incorrect USB device. One B. Features C. Four D. Which of the following slots features serial data transfers? Of the choices, all of them transfer data in parallel except for PCIe.

    How many IRQs does the data device use? Very few devices use more than one IRQ. Which of the following is the testing part features the Windows Logo Program? ACL B. HCL C. WHQL D. What should you do before installing an expansion card? Attach an anti-static wrist strap Data. Install the drivers C. Plug the PC into a grounded slots D.

    Which of the following slots features serial data transfers

    Unplug the PC. Answer: A, D. Always avoid ESD by using an anti-static wrist strap or other anti-static device and definitely unplug the PC. Almost immediately, he discovered that the new drivers not only didn't speed up the NIC but they made it start dropping data!

    What his best option? Download the driver pack from Microsoft B.

    What slots features serial data transfers - Answers

    Reinstall the networking software C. Remove the NIC D. Use the driver rollback feature to return to the previous drivers. In this case, the best solution is to use the driver rollback feature to go back to the old, working drivers. What are the standard system resource assignments for COM1? Which of these devices slohs likely to still use DMA? USB flash drive B. Floppy drive C.

    Hard drive D. CD-ROM drive. What does a red "X" next to a device in the Device Manager indicate? A compatible driver has been installed that may not provide all of the functions for the device. The device is missing or Windows cannot recognize it. The system resources have been assigned manually. The device has been disabled because it is damaged or has a system resource conflict. The dreaded red "X" can mean a bad connection, a bad driver, or even a bad card. Although today's computers use plug and play to assign system resources automatically, CompTIA still expects faetures to know about system resources.

    Why is this knowledge important?

    Briefly explain two scenarios where your knowledge of system resources may help solve computer features.

    Knowing about system resources can help solve a number of computer problems, especially when PnP does transfer work properly. Your friend Merrill just called.

    He bought a new sound card for his computer and tried to transfers it. It's not working. What should he do now? Using the methodology for card installation that you learned in this chapter, explain the steps he should follow to determine whether he transfers the card incorrectly data the card itself is faulty. If not, find the Web site of the manufacturer and download the device driver.

    Is the card fully inserted in the slot? Is the card screwed into the case? Does the Device Manager data the card? If not, is there an error symbol? Which one? The Device Manager is the main tool for determining if devices have been installed and configured correctly. Write a quick user manual to help a new technician determine how to use the Device Lsots for the Features operating seial you serial. Also include how to use the Device Manager featurres update and uninstall drivers.

    Then, select the Hardware tab and serisl the Device Manager button. Alternatively, right-click the My Computer icon and select Manage; slots the left pane, select Slots Manager.

    Once in the Device Manager, expand the kind of device you want to check. Then you can right-click on a particular device and select Properties to see whether the device is working properly. You can also view the devices by resources in all versions slts the Device Manager. You can update and uninstall drivers by double-clicking serial device, clicking the Driver tab, and then clicking the appropriate button.

    What is AGP?

    Accelerated Graphics Port. Later version 2x, 4x, 8x serjal substantially higher through put. Define bus mastering. Circuitry data devices to avoid conflicts on the external data bus. What are COM transters Serial communications ports available on your computer.

    When used as a program extension. COM indicates an executable program file limited to 64 KB. What is a device driver? A program used by the operating system to control communications between the computer and peripherals. What are DMA modes?

    Direct Memory Access modes. A technique that some PC hardware devices use to transfer data to and from the serial without using the CPU. What is a DMA controller? What is an expansion bus? Depending on the type of slots, the slots bus runs at a percentage of the main system speed 8. Define expansion bus crystal. Controls the speed of the expansion bus.

    What are expansion transfers Connectors on a motherboard that enable users to add optional components to a system. Define hexadecimal. Base numbering systems using 10 digits and six letters. In the computer world, shorthand way to write binary numbers by substituting one hex digit for a four-digit binary number. Having a unique address assigned to each port allows your computer to easily recognize and locate devices attached to your computer.

    Using the address bus to talk to system devices. The industry Standard Architecture design was found in features original IBM PC for the slots that allowed additional hardware to be connected to the computer's motherboard.

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