Hitman blood money casino 8th floor

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hitman blood money casino 8th floor

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  • A House of Cards
  • Take the Keycard for room from the body of your first victim.

    How do you get to the 8th floor in "House of Cards"? :: Hitman: Blood Money General Discussions

    Get down into the elevator pick up the payment briefcase. Switch over to the other elevator. Once again, climb up into the hatch and wait. Your second target will soon show up for an elevator ride. Strangle him like you did the first.

    A House of Cards - Hitman: Blood Money Wiki Guide - IGN

    Take the Keycard from this target as well. Also, take his suit.

    Nov 06,  · Hitman: Blood Money. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews and then you will be able to get to the 8th floor, happy hunting friend. #2 Showing of 2 comments. Per page: 15 30 Hitman: Blood Money > General Discussions > . The House of Cards Hitman: Blood Money Guide. Go to the 7th Floor and enter Room to take the DNA Briefcase. Now to the 8th Floor, where you have to enter Room To distract the guards, set off the fire alarm (screenshot above). Once you're inside, use the phone from the table, and your final target will leave the casino area and make himself easy to assassinate. Hitman: Blood Money Wiki Guide Table of Contents Next, go up to the 8th floor to room using the first Keycard you pilfered. Go back into the elevator with the DNA Briefcase and go to.

    Leave the Payment Briefcase here. Go to room as indicated on your newest Keycard.

    HOUSE OF CARDS - Hitman: Blood Money Forum - Neoseeker Forums

    Inside, you'll find the DNA Briefcase. Pick it up and take it with you. Next, go up to the 8th floor to room using the first Keycard you pilfered. Pull a fire alarm as you approach the room to make the guys guarding the door scatter.

    Locate the phone and hit redial.

    hitman blood money casino 8th floor

    This will call your third target and force him to go outside to get better reception. You can use a Sniper Rifle at this point to kill your final victim, but we shun guns whenever possible. Go back into the elevator with the DNA Briefcase and go to the casino floor. Walk through the casino towards the back along the east halls to avoid any security cameras.

    In the back of the casino, you'll see gloor few guards ensuring nobody gets back into the private area. Allow them to search you and then mney out through the back door. You'll find the last target all alone out here. Strangle him. Now that all of your targets are gone, go back to the elevators and collect your suit and the Payment Briefcase to get some bonus cash.

    Regather the rifle case from the elevator, and go to the 8th floor and steal the 8th floor keycard from the hotel staff member in the staff room Head up the east corridor to the room were a guy is sitting on his couch watching TV.

    Sneak past him and enter his bathroom.

    A House of Cards | Hitman Wiki | Fandom

    Hide in the shower and knock him out when he takes a leak. Go out fasino the terrace and jump to the balcony to the left. The guard in the scientists room will see you and run to the door hitkan tell you to leave.

    Wait till he turns his back and sneak through the door and into the bedroom. Go through the bathroom to sneak up behind him and knock him out.

    Redial the Sheik the phone is on the table in the bedroom and head back outside. Snipe the Sheik from the balcony. Now exchange the rifle case for the diamonds suitcase and escape.

    Hitman: Blood money. I'm stuck(SPOILER) | [H]ard|Forum

    Silent Assassin rating! Only problem with that is the loss of money from leaving the rifle. Hey, two good ways to do this mission lads I like this mission.

    Sep 18,  · A Walkthrough To The Mission: House of Cards. Objectives: Kill Hendrik Schmutz, Mohammad Bin Faisal Al-Khalifa & Tariq Abdul Lateef & Retrieve Payment Briefc. Strangle him from above, leave the diamonds on top of elevator and go to 7th floor. Syringe the employee having a smoke at the balcony, grab his keycard and throw him over the edge (he stands at the other side of the elevators). May 25,  · In the casino level, for the life of me i cannot get to the 8th floor. i climb up through the elevator and bang my head on the 8th floor elevator door to no avail. i don't have a card for any room on the 8th floor, but cmon, if i can just get there, i will complete my mission one way or another. but my dainty hitman is thinking 'oh i don't have.

    bloid Money I casino everybody in time. I too take the 'Baller and Scope' upgraded,I get the room card and gallop there. There is a room service guy here walking past, so I get him and drag him to my room. I get him from above and change clothes. I then hightail it to my room again, shoving 8th smoking service guy off the balcony as I go. I floor rid of 1st body; get the scope and climb to the 8th floor.

    There is a good position, in darkness, on the balcony of the room next hitman along blood the exact oppposit room facing the Shieks place. I get the accountant from here and nobody hears or sees a thing. I leave the 'scope' and I haven't finalised which is the best way to go from here. I have got into the Sheik's room and picked up the payment case, which gives me both cases, but I don't think that matters.

    If I try the phone here I floof some message that I can't use it yet or something??? So I have to figure out now how to get the guy downstairs without all hell breaking loose?

    A House of Cards

    Understand that I am killing anyone I find carless enough to walk about on their own in between all this! Well her room is somewhere where you can snipe the shaikh from when he's outside, a bit casno of a risk than the guard surrounded room on the 8th floor.

    Reality is in the mind true seeker 2K Remix neopoints: 10 since: Feb Always works!

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